Site Maintenance and Update

To say I’ve let this site go is an understatement!  I haven’t updated it since August 2008.

In the days and weeks to come, I’ll be making some changes to the page and then working on updating posts until I reach present day.  If you subscribe, this means you’ll likely be getting multiple updates from this page for awhile.  Once I reach the present date, that will slow down to no more than one a day again.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!
Lotus, aka Mommy/Momma :-)

I Adore Even His Annoyed Face

10.14.08 I Adore His Annoyed Face

Catching The Watcher

Sometimes I can get away with watching him and he doesn’t notice.

10.13.08 Fingers In Motion

10.13.08 The Tongue of Concentration

But he often catches me. I’m okay with that.

10.13.08 Noticing The Camera

Playing With The Rules

He looks at the world with wonder.

10.11.08 Oh, Those Eyes

And then I make it change colors just for him.

10.11.08 Splashing Legs

So he can keep doing that.

10.11.08 In Bath

Discovering New Fun

There are still endless things I can show him that he’s never thought of before.

10.10.08 Cabinet Play

And he has so many of these for me, which is fabulous, since they keep me going.

10.10.08 Cheeky Grin

We Are Smiles, Splashes, & Snuggles

Some days, the routine feels mundane. But I know I’ll miss it so much as it starts to change and slide out of my fingers one day.

10.09.08 My Love, An Incarnation

10.09.08 Parting The Waters, 2

10.09.08 My Little Gentleman

Cautiously Curious

“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots, the other is wings.”
–Hodding Carter

10.07.08 Cautiously Curious

All That Is Mine, Is His

That’s what he says.

I want to argue, but no, he is right.

10.06.08 Shades

Early Birthday Gift

John will be gone on his actual birthday (October 16th) so an early gift lets him in on the fun. :-)

10.05.08 Early Birthday Present

Mac ‘N Soy Cheese

Braden is lactose intolerant, and hasn’t been able to eat any real cheese since I discovered that.
And you know, kids should get Mac ‘N Cheese.

He liked this. :-)

10.04.08 Mmm, Mac & Soy Cheese!

10.04.08 Watching The Watcher