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Anything not available at the above can be licensed personally through me. I welcome private licensing inquiries. Email me:

I sell prints and other merchandise with original photography in these places:


I’m a photographer, writer, and artist who is a flexible, think-outside-the-box social media “power user”. I’m available to shoot, write, speak, and lead photowalks. I am based in Austin, TX, but greatly enjoy traveling.

Available for hire to shoot anything – portraits to events and everything in between and outside of that. Let me know what you need. To book a session or hire me for a job, send an email to or use the contact form below.


I’m also Co-Marketing and Show Coordinator for Drink and Click™ and the co-leader, along with the Founder – Juan Gonzalez, of the Austin Drink and Click™ Chapter Photowalks.
Check the website for a chapter in your area. If you’d like to sponsor us, host a Drink and Click™ Event at your venue, or lead a chapter in your area, email or send me a message here.

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