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  • LOL…I did not see that one coming at all, but I certainly can relate. Not to the dirty diaper bit since my son’s toilet trained already, but the hot babysitter. The one young college-aged man who works at my son’s school is the most sought-after babysitter in town. I think I may need to call him soon, now that you mention it…
    .-= hipm0m77´s last blog ..Total Divorce’s Definite Divorce Reads =-.

    September 01, 2009
  • PMSL! Eeuuuuw and your poor kids had to put up with that stench!
    .-= Jeanette´s last blog ..Playing with light =-.

    September 01, 2009
  • Jen

    Oh that BackpackingDad… LOL I’m guessing her hurried exit is because she was scared to see what was IN that diaper. Can’t say I blame her!!
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..weekly winners, volume 24 =-.

    September 01, 2009
  • I would have rushed out of there too! I’m with Jen on this one…”hi nice to meet you, see you next time, have fun changing the diaper, bye!”

    Congrats on the hot babysitter tho!
    .-= mapsgirl´s last blog to the stars =-.

    September 01, 2009

    .-= My Semblance of Sanity´s last blog ..My Back-to-School Resolutions… =-.

    September 01, 2009
  • You can’t tell but I’m standing, applauding this post.
    .-= phenom1984´s last blog ..An open letter to Wellbutrin =-.

    September 01, 2009
  • Ah, the hot collegiate babysitter. I had one of those. She picked up my kid from school and did his homework with him before I got home. Life is not like a porn flick. I proved that. So sad.
    .-= BusyDad´s last blog ..Give a boy a cheeseburger and he’ll get a Happy Meal toy, teach him how to cook one and you’ll get a blog post =-.

    September 01, 2009
  • Hilarious.


    September 01, 2009
  • Women don’t poop. We quit that crap after we move out of the house. It’s part of survival.
    For reasons EXACTLY LIKE THIS.
    .-= moosh in indy.´s last blog ..a mac is not a real apple. =-.

    September 01, 2009
  • OMG, that was freaking hystercial. Gotta admit, I would have booked-ass out of there as well, don’t think I would have wanted to see what was in that stinky diaper!
    .-= The Bare Essentials Today´s last blog ..Finding Nemo =-.

    September 01, 2009
  • ali

    oh my god.
    I cannot understand how a babysitter could take a shit at your house. seriously.

    September 01, 2009
  • I’m surprised you were so quick to blame it on the babysitter. Everyone knows that hot girl’s shit smells like freshly baked cookies.

    September 01, 2009
  • Too funny!

    Now that the conclusion turned out for the best, care to share? You’re in the neighborhood and we’ve never had a sitter.
    .-= Rick Bucich´s last blog ..Busted =-.

    September 01, 2009
  • Dude, this incident only proves that not only is she hot, she’s FUCKING BRILLIANT. Smart AND hot? Good god, next thing you’ll tell me she cleaned up the house and started dinner before leaving.

    And then I will have to shoot my husband in the leg to keep him from moving our asses out to wherever the fuck you are, to employ that hot/smart/cooking/cleaning babysitter.
    .-= Trish´s last blog ..The Magic Formula =-.

    September 01, 2009
  • Ha Ha HA!
    I knew IT! KNEW that was coming… it’s the way of the world ;-)

    Plus, I just had a sick kid and holy hell I almost lit my husband up about not flushing, or lighting a match and then, I realized that it was my kids’ room and he was asleep. HOW he slept through dumping toxic waste in his pants… I’ll never know.
    .-= rachel-asouthernfairytale´s last blog ..Tea and Cookies =-.

    September 01, 2009
  • My daughter’s babysitter is my mother. Not hot.
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. =-.

    September 02, 2009
  • As usual, I agree with Daddy Geek Boy– you were breaking my brain even suggesting that the smell had come from the hot babysitter. It’d be like casually writing about how things fall up, or how you created/destroyed energy, or how Jim Belushi’s show was funny.

    You should apologize next time you see her, for ever doubting her, before pointing out that hot or not, she has to change those things no matter what time she thinks she’s “off work” or how many she’s already changed.

    That awkward conversation should totally remove any remote possibility that you would ever get to make a horrible mistake with her, ever. Your wife will be so grateful.
    .-= LiteralDan´s last blog ..Important Question: Crackers unite? =-.

    September 02, 2009
  • Despite what Moosh says, pretty people poop, too.

    You just haad the wrong pretty person. ;-)
    .-= Colleen – Mommy Always Wins´s last blog ..Camping: nature’s way of promoting the motel industry. =-.

    September 02, 2009
  • Amo

    One of our babysitters was so smokin’ hot that my husband actually suggested I “stop bringing home the hot college girls for him”.

    Yes, HIM.
    .-= Amo´s last blog ..Humpty Dumpty Slipped on a Car =-.

    September 02, 2009
  • Favorite new phrase: “crapped a raccoon.” Awesomeness.
    .-= New Age Bitch´s last blog ..Ode to Wal-Mart, especially the old dude who slapped a crying kid =-.

    September 05, 2009

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