• I think of this in much the same way I think of human bodies – we get so worried about having any “imperfections” – curves where things should be flat, lines where the skin should be smooth, hair where there should be none, etc. But the thing is, all of those “imperfections” are visually interesting, if you can stop seeing them as imperfections. And when you become close and intimate with someone, running your hands along those lines and curves can be the sexiest, warmest, calmest, most beautiful thing. And when we accept that our bodies aren’t all the same, and that it’s a GOOD thing, it’s easier to then single out the things you can and want to change and work on them, rather than getting distracted and overwhelmed, thinking your body is just worthless.

    I think the ways we are hurt and scarred and changed due to life experience can be exactly the same way. Face them head-on, work at simply accepting their existence, coming to terms with them, and then work to change the things that need work.

    June 09, 2014

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