• Woohoo!
    Sabrina never liked the pacifiers so I haven’t had to ween her. There were times I wished she would take one so that it would help her self-soothe but listening to the stories of weening, I’m okay with it.

    Michelle’s last blog post..Marketing folks – take note!

    June 07, 2008
  • Rock on mama!

    If you teach him he has to cry for 30 minutes and then you give in, it will turn into 45 minutes then an hour… etc…

    Good job holding out! If you’re going to give in – give in in the first 5-10 mins.

    However, I’m not really one to talk – I let my daughter have hers unti she was 2 and decided that she was going to go into a big girl bed and it was time to give up the paci. And son – never ever ever took a paci. Sounds nice right? No – he wanted bewb instead. All the damn time. all.the.damn.time. I was a freaking human pacifier. I think I still have handles on my sides.

    Hecticmom Undone’s last blog post..‘Bout Sums it Up

    June 07, 2008
  • CONGRATS! Stay strong, Lotus! and consider some kind of a transfer item?

    zoeyjane’s last blog post..This is Where I Roll

    June 07, 2008
  • Poor little guy. Is it only one paci that he’ll use? Could you have a stash of them stuck in the bed to read for rather than hunting all over for them in the dark? I just couldn’t imagine crying that hard for 5 minutes, let alone 15 or 30. My poor mama heart couldn’t take it.

    Summer’s last blog post..Tagged

    June 07, 2008
  • Well done on sticking it out – hard as it was. I went through the same thing and sticking to your guns at the start makes it all go quickly :)

    Suze’s last blog post..Random Conversation and my Bitch

    June 07, 2008
  • Good for you! I just weaned my daughter off of her sucky a few days ago. Don’t tell anyone, but she’s 3 and a half. She hasn’t napped since. *sob*

    Walking With Scissors’s last blog post..Beautiful AND Talented

    June 07, 2008
  • He has had such a BIG week. First the hair cut, now the paci…You can do it momma!!!! Be strong. It freaking sucks and (if you are anything like me) you are going to want to lay down with him and join in the temper tantrums, no doubt, but you can do it…

    Paloma’s last blog post..Baby No-name!

    June 07, 2008
  • Not too much longer now and I think you’ll be in the clear. I’m pretty freaking happy right now that neither of my children ever wanted anything to do with a paci I got to totally skip paci weaning, sweet!

    shannymar’s last blog post..Breastfeeding at 8

    June 07, 2008
  • The paci is, indeed evil. And better to break the habit now than be one of those weird moms that has a paci sucking kindergardener.

    lilacspecs’s last blog post..Lilacspecs Interprets…

    June 07, 2008
  • have you read Digging To America by Anne Tyler?
    the paci party scene always stuck with me….though for some reason we didnt have a paci here——she prefers the other addiction of ramming a finger up each nostril to selfsoothe.

    it’s a good look for her.

    MizFit’s last blog post..Hey WOMAN Challenge Women!

    June 07, 2008
  • Taz


    Taz’s last blog post..Because I Love Her….

    June 07, 2008
  • river

    So you’ve only got the toilet training to get through now and you’ve got a fully fledged little boy.

    June 07, 2008
  • YAY!

    Now, we just need to wean Amy from hers for sleep. Sigh.

    Veronica’s last blog post..Whine Whinge Whine STOP

    June 07, 2008
  • Michelle

    I had one with a dummy (paci – I’m Australian, okay?), and one without, he wanted me. My girl had her dummy, always just at bed, until it died… it was so flat it had no comfort. She agreed it was time to go – she was also 2 1/2. My boy still loves cuddles, even though he’s 13 this week. Wonder how long that will last?…hmmm

    June 07, 2008
  • Ugh. The horrors.

    We took the binky away from my son (our first) at 3 months. WE HAD NO IDEA HOW SMART WE WERE!!. We fought (well, heh, ok, “fought” might be a strong word) it with my daughter.

    I wish I cold remember the magical thing that finally got rid of them for good. I think a baby cousin was born or something and we told her we were giving them all to him? Or had her help pack/throw them away?

    /unhelpful and probably inaccurate assvice.

    Miss Britt’s last blog post..Saturdays are for Stealing Ideas

    June 07, 2008
  • I feel this way with the nighttime bottle. Sometimes it’s a score and sometimes it’s not. But, I think in the past two weeks he’s had two bottles at night. That’s pretty good, and what you are doing is pretty good, too. You’re a good mom, Lotus!

    Mikey, Livey and Benny all had their pacis until around three, but stopped taking bottles around 18mos-24mos.

    Secret Agent Mama’s last blog post..Aunt Mishelle

    June 07, 2008
  • You mean you didn’t wake him with the sound of boobs slapping against muffin top as you wildly gyrated around the room?

    lceel’s last blog post..slightly political Haiku Friday

    June 07, 2008
  • Fantastic! This too shall pass… I keep saying that to myself!

    calicobebop’s last blog post..Lost lols… The Finale

    June 07, 2008
  • You know that he is able to sleep without it! He’s not two yet. I say, eh…not a big deal if you give it to him! He’s not going to go to college with the thing.

    I saw on Supernanny once where she left the paci’s in a bag, tied to tree for the pacifier fairy and in the morning, the kid had a prize and the paci’s were gone. My mother-in-law made my hubby pay for a toy with his paci in the store when she wanted him to give it up.

    AnnD’s last blog post..Photo Hunters!

    June 07, 2008
  • My oldest daughter had a pacifier until she was two. She could even pronounce the word “pacifier.” We used to search at bedtime for it. I got so tired of it. Finally, after the last one was lost. That was the end. She used to walk around saying, “Where is that big old pacifier?” 😀

    Junebug’s last blog post..PF Changs

    June 07, 2008
  • Yes, it is torturous to a mother’s heart to hear the cries, but empowering when they discover they can do without it. He has variious appendages for comfort if he needs them.

    witchypoo’s last blog post..Boring Birthday

    June 07, 2008
  • My 2 youngest never took the Paci but they sleep with us. Mahala did not get out of our bed till she was almost 3 & Kaden is 16 months, I can not wait till he is 3. Lord help us!

    Manic Mom’s last blog post..She put the pillow over my face……

    June 07, 2008
  • my general rule for me (which means it works for me and might sound like bull to you)

    tears = actual crying = help Alex out however he wants/needs

    no tears = throwing a tantrum = let the little bastard fend for himself

    Dawn’s last blog post..Haiku Mumble Mumble….

    June 07, 2008
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    June 07, 2008
  • We’re in the same boat as you are! You’re doing great by attempting to wean Braden now. Kendall just turned 3 on April 28th & is still veryattached to his. Although, the last couple months, he’s gotten into an awful habit. He bites on the ends of them & eventually it creates holes in them. We’ve replaced them a couple times but this last time, which was a couple weeks ago, we told Kendall this is IT, if/when he bites holes in these, NO MORE PA-POO(which is what Kendall calls them~so cute!)!! Stand your ground :)

    Connie’s last blog post..Quick, fun MeMe

    June 07, 2008
  • Sue

    Stay strong Lotus!

    You will so regret it if you don’t. You will be creating a monster (no offense dear) if you are not consistent about this.

    Lesson Bradon will learn from this: Mommy means what she says.

    Lesson he will learn if you cave: Mommy will do whatever I want if I cry hard and long enough.

    I know it shreds your fragile mama-heart. I’ve been there. But just like getting babies to sleep on their own, you will be sooooo grateful once you are over the hump.

    Hang tough!

    Sue’s last blog post..EBay Fever

    June 07, 2008
  • We were nearly paci free LAST AUGUST, just around the time my hubby and I took our first vacation without our kids…my eldest stayed with my mom – actually I was pregnant with my second, so wasn’t like I could leave him anywhere…and of course my mom used the paci again. Its still here, it’s nearly THIS AUGUST. Oh well, I reckon he’ll give it up on his own…at least I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a kid going to school with one….I hope :)

    Ness’s last blog post..It arrives…a total screw up…and a hottie.

    June 07, 2008
  • Yay!

    RubiaLala’s last blog post..I’m Giving In

    June 07, 2008
  • Cut a hole in the tip of the paci. It won’t be as fun to suck (as it will collapse) and he’ll wean himself. Tip I got from my neighbor…she swears by it (and has worked in daycare for YEARS so she knows). Other than that I have no tips…Brandon was weaned easy and the girls never used pacis!

    Sarah’s last blog post..A little of this, a little of that…

    June 07, 2008
  • I’m so glad it’s working out for you. I hope your success continues. He does look like he ended up sleeping soundly.

    Karen of Sillymonkeez’s last blog post..PhotoHunt: Bad Hair

    June 07, 2008
  • oh you go girl! I’m so impressed with your strength! My son Owen was 4. That’s right FOUR before I managed to bring myself to force the issue and get rid of that damnable paci. His teeth were even going wrong. Bad mommy. But oh, that wail. Just tears your heart in two. I know it well.

    Tara R’s last blog post..jiggly mommy

    June 07, 2008
  • GO MAMA!! :)

    I didn’t have to battle the paci, none of my 3 boys liked them and Ry is still on the bottle but Cameron and Ayden gave it up at 1 yr just like that. Both started throwing their bottes around and I was like you, “that’s it!” and it worked.

    How precious is that baby boy lying there? I just want to go through the screen and snuggle him to pieces! 😉

    Kay (Special K)’s last blog post..Murder at Green Acres

    June 07, 2008
  • Where I live here in England I can’t believe how many four year olds walk around with dummies in their mouths (such a horrible word too don’t you think?). Not one of them is upset or in need of it. In fact they take it out to talk! I was in the supermarket with my two-year-old daughter once and she said: “look at that silly boy with a dummy (he was about 4). That’s not right is it mummy?” I wanted some mechanical hand to come out of the ceiling and take me away!

    June 07, 2008
  • Good job! Hooray! At least I found something to cheer about today.

    Angeline’s last blog post..It hurts

    June 07, 2008
  • Kim

    Have you ever seen super nanny? She has the kiddos round up all the pacis and put them in a bag. She puts it in a tree and tells the kid that the paci fairy is coming to take them away for a baby to enjoy. When the kid wakes up in the morning a really awesome present is waiting for them in place of the paci. It seems to work.

    June 07, 2008
  • For us, cold turkey was the only way. Otherwise, as a few others have said, there was this expectation that if he just cried long enough, we’d cave. The crying was bad on day one. TERRIBLE on day two. For form’s sake only on day three. And he never looked back. He was just over two years old at that point. I say you’re on your rocking way to winning this one! Just package up all the binkies and hide them so he can’t find one lying around, and in a few short days, you will be bink-free.

    MommyTime’s last blog post..An Experiment in Bloggy Exploration

    June 07, 2008
  • Good job! It will get easier each night that goes by… I remember how hard it was when we started putting Sam to sleep awake each night. The first night he cried for an hour. The “go in every 5 or 10 min and comfort then leave again” thing didn’t work with him either, it would just rev him up & start the whole thing over. It got better though, and the crying was less and less.

    I’ve heard a lot of different methods for paci removal. Kind of similar to what Kim said she saw on Supernanny, I also heard of one person who told their kids that the baby squirrels needed them and they left them in a container outside, then the next day they were gone. I’ve also heard of snipping a little hole in each one so it’s just not satisfying to suck anymore and the kid gives it up on their own. Or having them gather them all and give them to a friend’s baby. Another one I’ve heard is gathering them all and taking them to the toy store, then having the kid “pay” for a toy with the pacifiers. Then every time they want one, you remind them they paid for their new toy with it.

    Sam just turned 2 and is still on his at night, but he isn’t particularly attached (kind of like when we went from bottle to sippy – it was pretty easy) so we’re going to attempt to take it away soon.

    Rachael’s last blog post..Lustful Sloth

    June 07, 2008
  • Both of my kids used their paci until they were about 2 – I’m of the school that they’ll stop using it when they’re emotionally ready.

    When my kids were ready to give it up, the “Paci Fairy” came. That night before they went to bed, the chid gathered up all of their beloved pacis and left them in a pile on the kitchen table. When they woke up in the morning, all the rubber parts of the paci were cut off, leaving just the plastic parts and there was a small gift (a la tooth fairy style)… there was also a little note telling them thanks for giving up their paci’s and the “suckie parts” were put into their “growing up star” (where their baby teeth go)…. It worked for us…

    Good luck!

    Pink Lemonade Liz’s last blog post..Friday Free Stuff

    June 07, 2008
  • Allie

    Man, Braden is delicious. I am madly in love with that kid and his smile. Congrats on the paci removal, if you lived here in Richmond I would buy you a box of Dunkin Donuts.

    June 07, 2008
  • Looks like you’re over the hard part! Congrats! I’m dealing with a thumb sucker now, so time to pull out the band aids, tobasco, and pepper.

    June 07, 2008
  • See, and I was just going to say that I’d probably have weenied out and given it to him. Then I read that he’d fell asleep!
    Good mama!

    dysfunctional mom’s last blog post..Sweaty Hot Fun

    June 07, 2008
  • I can’t get past teh cuteness. Oh sorry, you were talking about a pacifier, right?

    I didn’t think I would EVER be grateful that my son would not take one, but as I watched other parents struggle with this, I suddenly became very thankful that he would not. Good luck!

    June 07, 2008
  • Tranny Head

    My mom told me that Nuk (my paci) was going to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus to tell him what I wanted for Christmas. And I never asked for him again. Either she’s very smart, or I’m very stupid. Probably the latter.

    Tranny Head’s last blog post..Whacked Out Weekends: Water Cups

    June 07, 2008
  • Aw…love the belly hanging out!

    Colleen’s last blog post..Photo Hunt: Bad hair

    June 07, 2008
  • We took the pacis to the hospital when my 4 1/2 year old turned 3. We took them there for the babies to use….wink wink

    when we did that though…..naps were over .

    so needless to say…I am afraid to take the paci away from my almost 3 year year old…I enjoy naptime tremendously at our house….2 out of the 3 kids sleep.

    He only gets his paci at naptime and bedtime.

    The third one is a thumbsucker-hates the paci


    Sunshine Mom’s last blog post..Sweet baby laughs

    June 07, 2008
  • I’ve got nothing.

    I’m just thinking of yer sweaty boobs bouncing around and flapping in the breeze.

    Tis too many mojitos I’ve consumed I’m afraid…heh. I’ve earned it. Stared into the eyes of over 300 dead kids pics today. Creepy.

    Redneck Mommy’s last blog post..A Banquet of Tears

    June 07, 2008
  • kat

    WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!
    Good for you!
    I never gave my kid a paci because of seeing friends go through this exact same nightmare… not to mention two years of trying to find the damned paci in the dark, in the car, in a parking lot,etc etc. But… everybody has something to give up in growing up, and there doesn’t seem to be any easy/painless way to do it. Good for you for holding out. That is the hardest thing ever.

    kat’s last blog post..Weekly Winners – Craft Fair Indulgences

    June 08, 2008
  • Bravo!!!! My girlie was never the hugest fan, but my boy had about 5-6 going at the same time (looked almost gangsta with all that paci bling hanging off of him) at 18 months.

    how’d we get rid of them? I was away for work, and hubs literally LOST them … all! And the kid was okay with that, cuz, you know, he gives his Dad all the breaks. Nary a cry.

    We found them about 6 months later in the corner of the room behind the bed, dust filled and oh, so lovely..

    Karen MEG’s last blog post..Weekly Winners # 25

    June 08, 2008
  • We SO hope for success w/ Operation: Paci Fairy. We’ve already been through it once and gave in, so turn 2 will be ever-so-bad.

    A Whole Lot of Nothing’s last blog post..One Click, and I’m Hooked

    June 08, 2008
  • Ahh, memories of weaning Paci from Adam! And I think I’ve told you before that I had the same crib set? Which proves that me must be smiled upon by the blogging friends gods! LOL

    Christi’s last blog post..Behind, busy, burned

    June 08, 2008
  • You are a very, very strong woman. My daughter only gave up her paci (binky, as we called it) a short time ago. She’s 4. I suck, I know. But she had to do it on her own terms, she bit it, it was done. She was fine. End of story. If I had known it was going to be that easy, I would have done it a long time ago. I bow to you!

    Mrs. Schmitty’s last blog post..Fred Sanford Ain’t Got Nuttin’ On Me!

    June 08, 2008
  • I hope the nights are calm and paci free.

    blogversary’s last blog post..swimming

    June 08, 2008
  • Oh God. Go Ahead Lotus, highlight the failures…

    We are working on this. Matthew is 2 in about a month and the goal was to have him off the paci (baba) by 2. That’s our goal, not his. We are striving to keep baba out of sucking range during wakie time. He still relies heavily on it for naps and bedtime and wants it most any other time that he stops to think about it.

    I guess you pick your battles.

    He’s not winning, I’m just not trying very hard.

    Josh’s last blog post..The Boy Visits the Homeland

    June 09, 2008
  • MP

    DAMN..how did that child get to be such a big boy?!?!

    MP’s last blog post..Take me to McDonalds!

    June 09, 2008
  • RC

    Hi – I occasionally lurk on your blog, but I thought I would comment on this one.

    I can’t really talk. I had it easy. Little Dude decided, a month ago, that he didn’t like his “nukster.” He started rejecting them – I have a feeling it had to do with the pain of teething.

    He hasn’t wanted them since.

    I’ve heard of the cutting the nipple trick (but be careful, as you don’t want him ingesting parts of the nipple, which is easier to do when it is broken), having him throw them away with you (the visual part of this is supposed to help do the trick), and what you are doing – just letting him cry it out.

    Since he is throwing it across the room, I would say it is time to let him cry it out a bit. It is tough, but good luck!

    RC’s last blog post..We’ve been hit.

    June 09, 2008
  • Good job! My girls were ADDICTS. We went cold turkey here – both at the same time and it was the best move I ever made. I threw them all out so I wouldn’t be tempted to give them back, but fortunately they both adjusted really well.

    Stay strong!

    Kimberly’s last blog post..Sexless and the city

    June 09, 2008
  • Oh how I remember too well the paci. Luckily I took my son’s away one night and he cried for a few minutes and then went to sleep. That was the end of it. Now going to sleep by himself, THAT is another story. I remember crying because he would be in his crib screaming and I didn’t know what to do. He would wake up throughout the night and cry and we would run to make sure he was OK. Well we talked to his dr. and she said to let him learn to fall asleep on his own. I remember crying along with him and then finally praying for god to help me decide what to do and then…he stopped crying and went to sleep. I swear god heard me and helped me out. We adopted him and he was abused as an infant so I always wonder if he remembers any of that. He still won’t sleep through the night and he’s 4. My advice to you is to keep strong and DON’T give in. It will work out in the long run. And sorry for writing a damn book here. LOL

    Tiffany’s last blog post..Dumbass Dog Breeder

    June 11, 2008
  • YAY!! Congrats!!

    SherE1’s last blog post..I am spent…

    June 11, 2008
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