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  • Julia

    #12: I’d totally vote for you!
    Thanks for the great list, it was so much fun to read :)

    Btw, it was nice to meet you, and I’m sorry that you instantly dropped dead after not tagging anyone.

    Happy T-Day, greets Julia

    November 22, 2007
  • Siri

    Funny Meme Lotus.

    Happy Thanksgiving Lotus!


    November 22, 2007
  • Di

    Based on some of what you shared, I must ask if you have ever read anything by Anne Lamott? Trust me…if you haven’t, do. I would suggest Traveling Mercies or Operating Instructions as great starts.

    She is a recovering alcoholic and drug user. She is a born again Christian…but the most irreverent born again Christian you’ll ever meet. She’ll make you laugh out loud. She too would share the golf cart story proudly!

    November 22, 2007
  • i am the diva

    i don’t know why, but i love reading other people’s random lists.

    also, i think Lotus Siva is a beautiful name.

    happy Thursday Thirteen, and if you’re American (i’m not) happy Thanksgiving.

    my TT is here.

    November 22, 2007
  • SJ

    What a great list! It’s great to learn new things about people!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    November 22, 2007
  • d. chedwick bryant

    Dear Flower Goddess Wish,

    You are interesting!

    Happy thanksgiving

    November 22, 2007
  • Secret Agent Mama

    Is it redundant of me to say I want to be your best friend, I want to sit and talk with you, I want to hug you, I want to make you some food to eat, I want to… Meh, I’m stalking you again! Be’fraid!a

    November 22, 2007
  • ha ha. Mine goes up tomorrow and I tagged you for it too. I’d go change it – but hello – LAZY!!

    (And trying to write the GD 50000 words for that other Nano.)

    November 22, 2007
  • TX Poppet

    Your given name is beautiful. I think I’d like your parents. Wishing you and yours a peaceful, joyful Thanksgiving.

    November 22, 2007
  • mountainmama

    Oh, she of the name that reads like love poetry, and the asymmetrical face (God, you’re brave – I wouldn’t slap my face in that close-up on here…people might see the cracks!) – you’ve done it again, Lotus, not sure whether to laugh or cry…so I’ll laugh along with you. Great list!

    November 22, 2007
  • Veronica

    Happy Thankgiving! I almost wish we celebrated it, must be a good excuse to gorge on yummy food. Xmas cant come fast enough.

    Meh@ the messy house. As I type this, Nat is is the process of cleaning the house. YAY for spouses.

    November 22, 2007
  • Chantelle

    Pretty darn funny all of it.
    I was almost named Sunshine Love, which would have made me a fellow contender. Although Lotus is far more original.

    November 22, 2007
  • Linda R. Moore

    Fun. My hands dry out with the season changes, too. It’s just a change in the humidity…

    I did four TTs this week, so that I could avoid cooking dinner as long as possible. (Well, I wrote three, edited one.)

    November 22, 2007
  • Michelle

    My house is in shambles too. I know it won’t clean itself, but I figure I’ll muster the energy to clean it at some point in life.

    November 22, 2007
  • Leslie

    Lotus, you’re hilarious!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    November 22, 2007
  • Mrs. Fussy Fussypants

    Goats- Hilarious!
    Can. Not. Stop. Laughing!

    The innuendos from the laundry pile….genius.

    A “certain” blogger needs to watch her back! ~wink, wink, nudge, nudge!~

    November 22, 2007
  • Great post… you’re a pro now, weaving in and out of the themes that way.
    I’m desperate for posting material… may have to blow some goats to have something to write about. Eight more days and counting…

    November 22, 2007
  • Suzanne

    Thank you! I loved the mental pictures you painted.

    Just think, only eight more posts to come up with. Woohoo.

    Asymmetry is cute.

    Tipped uterus-been there, done that.

    Your name is beautiful. I’ve heard some really out there names-yours flows much better than many others.

    November 22, 2007
  • A Jill of All Trades

    I have a mole on my arm that has grown hair and a 3rd arm that has punched me in the face for not having it removed already. I just keep pulling the hair out of it.

    November 22, 2007

    Great post. I read your blog almost everyday and enjoy your humor and pics.

    That tattoo idea is brilliant!

    Happy Late Thanksgiving.

    November 22, 2007
  • MomOnTheGo

    This was a fun and upbeat list to read. Thanks for sharing.

    November 22, 2007
  • Sadie

    Thank goodness you didn’t tag! I haven’t done this one *lol* I’ve done the ’8 things’ meme…but noa on the 7 *snicker*

    But I LOVE reading others random lists. You learn the most interesting things that way!! Hooray for random!!!

    November 22, 2007
  • Nicholas

    That’s a very enjoyable, and revealing, list. Thank you!

    November 22, 2007
  • tiff

    Oh so funny.
    my first bloggy fix of the day, nay, week and it was a good choice, I must say!

    November 22, 2007
  • damozel

    That was a REALLY funny list. But isn’t EVERYONE’s face asymmetrical? I admit that mine is more so than most (and MUCH more so than yours). I always think I look a bit like a Picasso.

    I second Di’s suggestion re: Anne Lamott. She rocks. I love Plan B and Traveling Mercies. She’d love your list too.

    November 23, 2007
  • E Flo

    You are awesome.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    November 23, 2007
  • ann michele

    awesomely awesome. all of it. it’s 0132 thanksgiving night and my baby won’t sleep. i’m thinking she needs turkey but ummmmm of course that would not go over well seeing that she has no teeth..


    it’s been a long day.

    November 23, 2007
  • BipolarLawyerCook

    OMG, #1 and #2, me too! So bizarre.

    November 23, 2007
  • Karleigh

    You forgot to mention that mole in your armpit that always seems to attract my attention when you raise your arm. ;)

    November 24, 2007
  • You are the best, lady. I love each and every one of your freakish parts.

    November 30, 2007

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