• Sometimes those cliches are all we know to try to bring some comfort to others usually our children. I wouldn’t dream of giving that advice to anyone I didn’t know. It’s like trying to comfort a child with a kiss on their boo-boo. Everyone knows it doesn’t actually bring healing but there must be some comfort or children wouldn’t keep expecting it. I believe it’s about empathy. If only we cared for one another more the world would be a better place!

    June 05, 2013
  • On a totally aside from this, (and I have no one else to tell this to), today I called a company tech support about my bathtub lights and motor not working because our house got struck by lightning last week. The company was Bain Ultra located in Canada. The tech support are French Canadian employees. I spoke to two men who were both especially helpful and caring, not questioning me a thousand details, just offered to send me a new motor and fuses immediately. I felt so great about it and called my husband who was driving to pick up some parts for his job. After I told him he says to me,(I can’t remember his exact words) what does telling me that mean I’m supposed to do? I said I just wanted to talk to you. Later he did tell me he was busy with 3 other people on the phone. My point is what a difference a decent conversation can make you feel like you matter as opposed to one that just chops you off.

    June 05, 2013
    • I think that the danger in relying on cliches instead of just being real is that you aren’t thinking through what the person is actually going through and connecting with them, but just dishing up something so you felt you’ve “contributed”. I’ve had far too many people spit cliches at me without really knowing me very well or the situation, and it was the absolute wrong thing to say. It’s the thought that counts, but being real is always 100% better.

      There other thing I take away from the song is the message that she’s not interested in the judgements others pass regarding herself and her actions.

      Say what you say
      Do what you do
      Feel what you feel
      As long as it’s real.
      I said take what you take
      And give what you give
      Just be what you want
      Just as long as it’s real.

      Yes, it’s nice when people actually acknowledge you and listen, and care. xo

      June 05, 2013
  • No, I wouldn’t tell anyone any of those mentioned cliches except I have said “it’s going to be alright” to my kids just because I meant it’s going to be alright as long as I’m living and breathing. I’ll be there for you kind of alright! :)

    June 05, 2013
    • Well, you were totally just being real and supportive. :)

      June 05, 2013

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