• That was beautiful…I feel blessed to say I’ve been there…
    .-= Colleen – Mommy Always Wins´s last blog ..Blog? What blog? =-.

    October 29, 2009
  • As a mom, I have been there too. Some resentment because things are not going according to plan. Naptime is not occurring like it’s supposed to so work can be done. Or simply I need a nap too and it’s impossible to nap when the toddler is awake! But later, you wish you could have all that time back that you didn’t enjoy the moment.
    .-= Junebug´s last blog ..Egg in the Hole =-.

    October 29, 2009
  • Oh Lotus! I’m PMSing & I’m a big ball of mush w/tears streaming down my face now. This is THE MOST PRECIOUS post I’ve EVER EVER read~I mean it! I guess it’s because I could’ve changed the names in this post & posted it for myself. Especially now that Kendall doesn’t take naps at home for us anymore (he takes an hour nap @ Pre-K but not @ home~~what’s up w/that 😉 ).

    Once in a blue moon or sometimes when Kendall is sick, he asks me to rock him so we go to his room in his glider rocker & I rock him. I can clearly tell when he’s sound asleep but more time~ than not, I keep rocking him~treasuring the moment. I’ve even fell asleep myself a few times 😉

    My point is, they grow SO.VERY.FAST so you have to enjoy the moments while you have them. And, like you say, there’s no work, housework, etc. that’s more important than that.

    TRULY ♥ this post :)
    .-= connie´s last blog ..Playing catch up~Our anniversary on 1/31/09 =-.

    October 29, 2009
  • Wow. You’re totally in my head. There’s always something to do, and you’re right: moms totally need time for themselves, especially when the daddy is not often there. It’s really hard. But those little turds get so cute and cuddly and just break your heart, don’t they? Mine does the same thing. It’s like he can’t get enough of being around the mom. It’s a good thing. I think. But for now, balance is good. Love how you say what you say.

    (And I’m totally in agreement with you about Eve: I’ve got the hate on for her right now!)
    .-= WackyMummy´s last blog ..Autumn Captured =-.

    October 29, 2009
  • Allisun


    October 29, 2009
  • Beautiful. Simple beautiful.
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..Time & ambitions =-.

    October 29, 2009
  • Absolutely beautiful. You could publish this as a standalone article in some kinda magazine. Or something. Basically, I really like it. :)

    October 29, 2009
  • Aww! So beautiful.
    .-= Maria´s last blog ..Rented: There Were Two =-.

    October 29, 2009
  • Kat

    Mmmmm. Lovely. :)
    .-= Kat´s last blog ..The Rest of the Story— The Reveal Part 2 =-.

    October 29, 2009
  • Kel

    Oh my gosh lady, so I am totally teary eyed right now. This is a wonderful post. I have felt the frustration you mention plenty of time with Sammi when I had things I needed to get done. I have also felt that peace you talk about at the end.
    .-= Kel´s last blog ..This one is gonna take a while…. =-.

    October 29, 2009
  • This brought back such sweet memories, I thank you for that.
    .-= Tara R.´s last blog ..SkyWatch Friday, season 4, episode 16 =-.

    October 29, 2009
  • Just pure and simple lovely, Lotus.
    .-= OHmommy´s last blog ..Whoever said 30s were awesome, obviously lied. =-.

    October 29, 2009
  • Rachel

    Seriously. The crying. It’s helpful.

    October 29, 2009
  • Oh yes. I know this.
    .-= Veronica´s last blog ..Sick, but feeling okay. =-.

    October 29, 2009
  • kys

    What a beautiful post. I remember those days.
    .-= kys´s last blog ..I Love My Job =-.

    October 29, 2009
  • aww . . . simply beautiful! (my hubbie is gone too much too . . . very lonely here)
    .-= Tiaras & Tantrums´s last blog ..What Are You Wearing Today? =-.

    October 29, 2009
  • How very, very, cool.
    .-= lceel´s last blog ..100 Word Challenge – Falter =-.

    October 29, 2009
  • Joy

    Aww, I love this…Your post reminds me of this poem:

    Mother, oh Mother, come shake out your cloth,
    Empty the dustpan, poison the moth,
    Hang out the washing and butter the bread,
    Sew on a button and make up a bed.
    Where is the mother whose house is so shocking?
    She’s up in the nursery, blissfully rocking.

    Oh, I’ve grown shiftless as Little Boy Blue
    (Lullaby, rockaby, lullaby loo).
    Dishes are waiting and bills are past due
    (Pat-a-cake, darling, and peek, peekaboo).
    The shopping’s not done and there’s nothing for stew
    And out in the yard there’s a hullabaloo
    But I’m playing Kanga and this is my Roo.
    Look! Aren’t her eyes the most wonderful hue?
    (Lullaby, rockaby, lullaby loo).

    The cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow,
    For children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
    So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust go to sleep.
    I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.
    .-= Joy´s last blog ..A Phone Call I was Happy to Get! =-.

    October 29, 2009
  • oh honey, this is beautiful
    .-= flutter´s last blog ..Commiserating with the ceiling fan =-.

    October 29, 2009
  • jim

    love this blog. i may have teared a bit, i doubt it though.

    October 30, 2009
  • I love this. It transports me back in time about 14 years. I miss those days but I love the young man my son is becoming. He and I have such a special bond.

    October 30, 2009
  • I love this. Thank you.

    I feel like you were in my head, man.

    I would love for our little dudes to play together.
    .-= Maria´s last blog ..step one =-.

    October 30, 2009
  • We all know we need to enjoy our little ones while they’re still little. We know when we’re old we will wish we had spent more time playing on the floor instead of cleaning it. I know. You know. If only the laundry and the dishes knew that too….
    .-= Everyday Woman´s last blog ..Space Face Paint =-.

    October 30, 2009
  • Gretchen

    Thank you for this…today has been a whirlwind of activity…and because of your amazing words and the sentiment that you projected so eloquently…today will be a better day for my little girls. Thank you for the perspective so often lost in the bustle of a busy day.

    October 30, 2009
  • Ree

    Wonderful, as always. I love when you write about how a mom feels about a son.
    .-= Ree´s last blog ..Haiku Friday – The Answers, Part 1 =-.

    October 30, 2009
  • That was really gorgeous Lotus
    .-= Jeanette´s last blog ..Blue eyes =-.

    October 30, 2009
  • This was beautiful and I’m totally crying. Sigh, hormones.

    Still, it was beautiful.

    October 30, 2009
  • How dare you make me cry like that! IT’s already been a horribly rough day. So beautifully written…Thank you for a touch of beauty (even if it did make me cry – you stinker)
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..I swear I’m alive… =-.

    October 30, 2009
  • I just found your blog and it’s lovely.

    And… every time my mind is spinning about what I have to do and when I have to do it, I always remember one day not long from now, I’ll will beg for moments like these. I’ll long to hold, laugh, and read with my boys one more time and so I do.

    October 31, 2009
  • Lauren @ Hobo Mama

    “There is love and regret and guilt.” Oh, yes! The go-to-sleep annoyance morphing into the I-can’t-believe-how-beautiful-you-are-wake-up-so-I-can-see-you-again. Beautiful post, and the last line made me all teary.
    .-= Lauren @ Hobo Mama´s last blog ..AP Principle #6: Book review of Smart Mom’s Baby-sitting Co-op Handbook =-.

    October 31, 2009
  • This resonates within me. xo
    .-= Your Girl Mishi´s last blog ..Colors =-.

    October 31, 2009
  • I think we’ve all been there, and as usual you verbalize motherhood in an incredible way
    .-= DeuceMom´s last blog ..S is for Special =-.

    October 31, 2009
  • such a beautiful post about such a common feeling that all mother’s have….
    .-= Adena´s last blog ..This joke isn’t funny =-.

    October 31, 2009
  • This is so perfect. I’ve often felt this way…so frustrated when he won’t sleep and then something similar happens. You really struck a chord with me tonight. Thank you!

    October 31, 2009
  • This is a wonderful post. I remember those days fondly…
    .-= Mrs4444´s last blog ..Weekly Winners =-.

    November 01, 2009
  • Amanda

    Lotus, this is something that every mom should read. Whenever I go weeks without reading your blog, I’m missing out.

    November 01, 2009
  • Looking back I wish I had cherished those moments more. I am trying to savor the last bit of The Chicken’s childhood.

    so beautiful.
    .-= Domestic Extraordinaire´s last blog ..Learning about life from dead leaves =-.

    November 01, 2009
  • Melody

    I love this story. Been there! Once, I was the one to fall asleep. I was that tired. While I slept, my Willy was watching me with a big grin on his face and breathing heavy enough to wake me.

    I’m mushy today. Saw a two year old, cutting teeth, whining and crying, brought tears to my eyes. I was thanking God, that I’m not a true empath. Just a mushy female.

    November 05, 2009

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