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  • At least he is a gorgeous monkey!

    Veronicas last blog post..Christmas

    December 04, 2008
  • I read EVERY GLORIOUS WORD. Of course, i was secretly hoping for another glimpse of the RACK – which is what kept me reading to the BITTER END – a bitter end only because, in the end, I was crushed by the utter disappointment of, again, no pictures of the RACK.

    I did love your answers, however.

    As always.

    lceels last blog post..Magical Mystery Tour

    December 04, 2008
  • I liked Kat’s question, because it reminded me of what my wife used to say… She always maintained that she wanted to have either 2 or 4 kids.

    When Carolina was born, I told her “There you go, you should be happy now. You always said that you wanted to have two kids”.

    She replied: “Yes. Two or four”.

    Santiago, Carolina, Juan and Florencia. She always wins.

    Gabriels last blog post..STICKY POST – LfW’s Christmas giveaway!

    December 04, 2008
  • Taz


    i am happy with my two too..

    Tazs last blog post..58 Weeks Old

    December 04, 2008
  • I loves ya, and I will read every word of every post.

    If you believe all that, then you need to know me better.

    You can believe I loves ya, tho.

    This doesn’t sound the way I hoped, but it’s too early to make sense of it or me.

    Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing]s last blog post..Just Being Normal

    December 04, 2008
  • OK, then. If I start telling people *I* have the hippo, will even HALF your readers start reading my blog, too?

    Love the shoes – must stop registering for blog conferences and spend more money on shoes!!!

    Colleen – Mommy Always Winss last blog post..Un-Grinchitizing Christmas: The people who need it most

    December 04, 2008
  • Your monkey is gorgeous! I have one of my own and that is all I can handle thankyouverymuch. My uterus is closed, out of order, not to be filled again!

    As usual, the pics are fantastic!

    December 04, 2008
  • Jenny

    I liked your trip synopsis- written as only you can. Ahh… the joys of travelling in a car with a small child…
    I always find that a weight is lifted once I cross the due date- I think you will too.
    I know you love many and diverse shoes, but in my mind you will be perpetually in REEFS :)
    Love you and cant wait to see you!

    December 04, 2008
  • Wow!! Dec. 24?? It seems like it was just a couple of months ago that you miscarried.

    How time flies!

    A Jill of All Tradess last blog post..Another cute crib set!

    December 04, 2008
  • Ah, who needs a monkey when you have a two year old boy and the Mexican? :)

    Special Ks last blog post..Just blah-ging along..

    December 04, 2008
  • Kat

    I don’t know that post sounded promising. Everyone loves to hear poop and vomit stories. No? Just me? Hmm.

    Who would play you in a movie about your life?

    What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

    Kats last blog post..Many Thanks

    December 04, 2008
  • Hehe I can’t believe you still have that question about the monkey!

    Get ready to have two of them then- now THAT’S fun! ;)

    Hope you’re all feeling back to normal asap ((hugs))

    Marylins last blog post..Weekly Winners #33

    December 04, 2008
  • I read all the way to the end – even though I was right in the middle of slaving away on another Photo Bliss article when I received the email notice of a new post :~)

    Cassandra {Simply Fearless}s last blog post..My heart is cracking open ~ your advice please

    December 04, 2008
  • Road trips suck. It’s as simple as that. I do like hearing about them, though, because it reminds me why we do not take them! So next time, spew away! (Although I do love the Q&A.)

    Missives From Suburbias last blog post..Real Estate Schadenfreude

    December 04, 2008
  • Bwahahaha – completely batshit nuts – hahaha

    I wish my mom would have warned me about being a batshit nut!

    mommyknowss last blog post..Gingerbread Houses

    December 05, 2008
  • I used to want 5 kids, then 3, then after my 2nd, I was like “TWO’s GOOD!” Sometimes it makes me sad thinking about those dream babies, but my 2yo (Braden’s future bride) made my ovaries shrivel up and cry for mercy with her craziness and the way I puked 24/7 for 20 wks. when I was prego with her.

    So. I’m with ya.

    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up!s last blog post..I’m a *little* nervous about Emily’s Last Post

    December 05, 2008

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